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We offer a variety of educational opportunities for all students and would love to answer any questions you have. If you cannot find the answer here, give us a call!

Test Prep

Our Yale student developed test prep program in the hands of our gifted teachers consistently produces top results. We have helped students achieve as much as a 640 point increase on the SAT I and 10 point increase on the ACT composite. On individual sections of the ACT we have achieved 14 points on English, 9 points in math, 10 points in reading and 10 points on the science section. We prepare students for success on all types of tests including the ISEE, the SAT II, the AP exams and other scholastic examinations.


We offer tutoring in all subject areas– math, English, science, history, languages– as well as help with study and organizational skills. We strive to identify the problem areas and fill the knowledge and activity gaps, equipping the student for independent future success.

Credit Courses

We work through your current privates school to offer courses for credit.

Online Classes

Do your math when you have time, at your own pace and get credit! We offer online courses in math k-12, including:

Cost includes unlimited email and phone support.

Math Consulting

Complete Education offers a pallet of math program solutions for your school.

We have a passion to see math taught well, and our programs serve student needs and measure progress sensibly!

Here are some of the services we offer:

Order our pre-algebra diagnostic and remediation tool:

What Every Student Needs to Know before Taking Algebra    $19.99


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Business & Economics Program

Every well educated person should thoroughly understand how to provide for himself and his family. The family has many needs: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, and we must provide for each. In our society, usually involves making and managing money on some level. Depending on the division of labor in a household, a particular person may not be directly involved in financial affairs but an understanding of this aspect greatly enhances understanding of financial constraints and requirements and allows the student to make wise societal decisions.


Understanding how businesses work and the fundamental elements involved in providing goods and services to customers from systems as simple as lemonade stands, lawn mowing, recycling plastic bottles, baby sitting and giving piano lessons to running complex organizations where things like getting customers, making contracts, handling money, customer service, human resources, following laws, paying taxes, insurance and planning have to be attended to, is important to every person and family in our modern society. A well educated modern individual should grow up learning about marketing, accounting, planning, budgeting, investing, business law, management and hard work and responsibility so that taking care of these things is second nature and don’t interfere with enjoyment of life. We believe that students can be taught in school, under parental oversight, to provide for themselves, pay for their education and be wise and productive members of society and put this into practice while in school. This doesn’t have to interfere with other school activities and should be a large part of what school is all about.


Why do people act as they do? Real economics answers this question: each person has a set of values, wants and needs, that motivate him or her to act as he or she does at any given moment. We only really realize what these values are when we see what people choose to do. Understanding the principles that govern such activity allows us to better anticipate others needs and actions and to plan in such a way that we can all be better supplied and happier. The best system we know for this supply is freedom constrained by a recognition of certain personal rights under a limited government. A proper understanding of economics guides the individual into the best action and prevents harmful action.