About Complete Education

“The highest result of education is a character rooted in probity.”

—Brent Thomas Davis, Director and Headmaster

Complete Education has been successfully preparing students for the SAT, ACT, ISEE and other important tests; tutoring, and teaching classes for credit in the Mercer Island area since 2000 and in Wichita since 2007. Our mission is to teach students excellently, tailoring an individual approach to each student so he or she can achieve his or her maximum test score while learning important knowledge and skills that will help that student perform better academically the rest of his or her life.

We offer our services to your student in various ways. We have assembled a staff of knowledgeable and accomplished teachers who will work with your student personally to achieve his or her greatest potential for learning, whether in test prep, subject tutoring or courses for credit. You can also take online courses, or use the free resourceful links placed right here on our site. You or your student are sure to benefit from whichever service you use.

Our Mission

Help students lay a firm foundation for their futures! Students build their lives on their formative education: the knowledge they learn, the habits they form, the character they develop, the relationships they establish and the grades they receive.

Our Vision

Student success!

We see our students: filling knowledge gaps, building sound study and organizational skills, preparing and planning for their future, clearly understanding the factors involved in accomplishing their goals and dreams, establishing positive relationships– especially with their family– and receiving grades and test scores that will open doors of possibility.

Our goal is to set records in achievement with our students:high grades, high test scores, excellence in every area.

Our Philosophy

Excellent teaching is essential!

Students learning to be great learners is their key to success!

Although learning can be fun it is hard work. We believe that students need to learn by adults actively teaching and directing them to form the habits and character that will produce excellent results. Students must learn how to learn in any situation because it is not possible to have all information tailored to them. This requires hard, smart work. Savoring the results can make it fun. It’s fun to win!